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About the Author

bobAbout The Author

Bob Schoose was raised in Southern California. As soon as1893_02 he had a drivers license he was off to the deserts of the Southwest. It was the lure of gold that drew him early on. Different mining ventures brought him through many states. He lived places in California like Jawbone Canyon, Randsberg, Red Mountain, Hokum Creek, Beaty Nevada, Panamint Mountains, Piute Mountains. It started out being a hunt for gold but soon turned into a love of history.

Throughout the years Bob became close friends with many old time prospectors. He identified himself with these men and intently listened to their stories. He developed a great respect for these men. They had the knowledge. They were walking history. They were the last of the “burro men” of the Mohave desert. These men had a tremendous effect on Bob’s life. There was nothing that couldn’t be done if you put your mind to it. The word can’t didn’t exist. They could literally move mountains and did.

After settling in Arizona, with the Superstition Mountains in sight, “the magnet” as he calls them, he developed a deep love of history for the area throughout the years. Resurrecting the old town of Goldfield came natural to him. To be able to help in the preservation of the history of Goldfield became his passion. For the last 24 years he has been doing just that.

Well, Bob is the Mayor of Goldfield. If you would have told him that was gonna be the case 45 years ago, when he was a desert rat trying to eck out a living, he’d of told you “you’ve been drink’n out of a bad water hole”.